SIAM IMR22: Travel Support

The SIAM IMR22 conference will have the following support available, depending on whether you are an applicant from either a US or non-US institution.

Applicants from US institutions

Travel support is available to applicants through SIAM. Please see:

Applicants from non-US institutions

The SIAM IMR22 committee is seeking sponsorship to provide travel support to student and post doctoral attendees from non-US institutions. Currently, we are unable to confirm the number of attendees or size of support we can offer. To help us plan, and to allow us to make support allocation decisions, please submit:

  • A statement of interest indicating how the attending the SIAM IMR will be helpful to your research, and how you will benefit by attending the conference (400 words max)
  • Financial statement of need (based on estimate costs of attending the IMR and other support available).
  • A copy of student or post-doctoral ID.
  • Letter of support from supervisor indicating support for attendance and commitment to provide the additional financial support required.

First priority will be given to students and post docs who will be attending the IMR in person and presenting a paper at the conference. Second priority will be given to students and postdocs who will be attending the IMR in person and presenting a research note, presenting a poster, or participating in the meshing contest.

Please submit applications for support to the conference chair with the subject line “SIAM IMR non-US support” by November 19, 2021.