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SIAM IMR 2023: March 6-9, 2023

The SIAM International Meshing Roundtable Workshop 2023 (SIAM IMR 2023) will be held March 6-9, 2023. Find out more on the SIAM IMR 2023 webpage.

Welcome to the new IMR website!

Our aim with this website is to act as a central location for all things to do with the International Meshing Roundtable. Eventually it will contain papers and proceedings from our previous years; details on our past award winners and IMR Fellows; and information on the governance and organsation of the IMR.

Helping out

  • The committee strives to provide attendees with the best possible experience at the SIAM IMR. One way attendees can voice their opinion on the organization of the conference is through this survey on the 2022 edition. We greatly appreciate your feedback.
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About the SIAM IMR

In 1992, Sandia National Laboratories started the International Meshing Roundtable as a small meeting of like-minded companies and organizations striving to establish a common focus for research and development in the field of mesh and grid generation. After 29 years as a successful conference series, we are joining SIAM to organize the IMR in our 31st year, which will now be known as the SIAM International Meshing Roundtable Workshop. This year’s roundtable will be held co-located with the SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE23).

The SIAM IMR workshop continues to focus on bringing together researchers and developers from academia, national labs and industry in a stimulating, open environment to share technical information related to mesh generation and general pre-processing techniques.