SIAM IMR22: Discussion Panels

While the International Meshing Roundtable features a broad range of technical presentations and plenaries, it is also a place of informal discussion between attendees working on similar topics. In the past few years, the IMR has had self-organised Open Space sessions, where participants would discuss topics proposed by attendees during the conference. Following the positive feedback received by attendees, a similar experience is planned at this year’s edition in the form of Discussion Panels.


The objective remains unchanged: participants to Discussion Panels will be able to freely discuss a topic relevant to mesh generation. More specifically, focus will be on current challenges, goals and outlook of a particular sub-field of mesh generation, pre-determined before the conference. The conversation will be aided by a moderator, who will also summarise findings for later publication. The idea of a panel of experts to kick off the discussion is also under consideration.


Four sessions will run in parallel, each with their own topic:

  • Quad/hex meshes
  • High-order meshes
  • Mesh adaptation
  • Mesh optimisation

Contact details

For any question or feedback concerning the discussion panels, please contact the discussion panel chair: