SIAM IMR24: Steering Committee Nominations

The SIAM IMR Steering Committee provides leadership that spans longer than any one instance of the conference. Committee members nominally serve for 5 years, with the last year serving as chair. They currently meet virtually once a month throughout the year. The time commitment is about 2-5 hours/month. The committee is responsible for policy; interacting with SIAM, and gaining approvals when required; and guiding the organizing committee and transition to the next year’s organizing committee. Nominees must have served on a prior SIAM IMR organizing committee, preferably as chair.

Download, complete, and submit this form and statement via email in PDF format with “SIAM IMR Steering Committee Nomination” and the nominee’s name in the subject line. Email it to the SIAM IMR Steering Committee Chair. Address questions about the nomination and selection process to the chair as well. Please submit nominations by March 2, 2024.