SIAM IMR22: Meshing Contest

The SIAM IMR22 steering committee is hosting a meshing contest. To enter, participants must generate a mesh for the Seattle Space Needle model available at the link below.

Participants can submit meshes demonstrating the capabilities of their software in any of the following disciplines: (1) mesh generation (2) mesh post-processing (3) or both.

The model

The model is supplied in STEP format, IGS format and Parasolid format.

The organising committee would like to thank Taha Amjad from the GRABCAD community for granting permission to use their model for this contest. The original model is also available on the GRABCAD website.

Important dates

Note that deadlines are all 11:59 pm Mountain Daylight Time (UTC-6 hours).

Contest details

The following details should be observed:

  1. Any surface or volume meshes are acceptable.
  2. At least one of the participants presenting a solution must be registered for and attending the SIAM IMR22.
  3. A special session will be dedicated to the meshing contest to present the obtained mesh, how it was generated, and to reply to the questions of IMR attendees.
  4. The contest entries should consist of two slides (1) picture of mesh and authors only (plus one title) (2) 250 words description of the meshing process.
  5. To submit an entry into the Meshing Contest, please use the IMR submission website.
  6. All entries of the meshing contest will be evaluated and voted by the IMR attendees. The winner will be honored with the Meshing Maestro Award.

Contact details

For any question or feedback concerning the meshing contest, please contact the meshing contest chair:

  • Chaman Singh Verma, Meshing Contest Chair
    Principal Research Engineer
    Avail Medsystems, Sunnyvale California, USA