SIAM IMR22: Discussion Panels

While the International Meshing Roundtable features a broad range of technical presentations and plenaries, it is also a place of informal discussion between attendees working on similar topics. In the past few years, the IMR has had self-organised Open Space sessions, where participants would discuss topics proposed by attendees during the conference. Following the positive feedback received by attendees, a similar experience is planned at this year’s edition in the form of Discussion Panels.


The objective remains unchanged: participants to Discussion Panels will be able to freely discuss a topic relevant to mesh generation. More specifically, focus will be on current challenges, goals and outlook of a particular sub-field of mesh generation, pre-determined before the conference. The conversation will be aided by a moderator, who will also summarise findings for later publication. The idea of a panel of experts to kick off the discussion is also under consideration.


Leading up to the conference, the organizing committee is interested in hearing from prospect attendees. Anyone willing to contribute to the following questions may do so by contacting the Discussion Panel chair, Julian Marcon, at the email address below:

  • What sub-field of mesh generation would you like addressed in a discussion panel?
  • Would you like to moderate a session?

Contact details

For any question or feedback concerning the discussion panels, please contact the discussion panel chair: